Studio Citizen and Resilience
In the community survey, the ecological environment is chaotic. Community residents and community activities are insufficient, but they are in great need of outdoor activities.
However, the chaotic environment and unmanaged community public places make this desire unsatisfactory. Over time, their lives are nothing more than work and family, dim and tedious, and the community seems to have lost power. Therefore, our design strategy aims to solve ecological problems. At the same time, using ecology as a medium, the themes of some activities are supported by relevant departments. Through ecological penetration, residents can get more social participation and outdoor life, and at the same time, make people in the community have more intersections. The emergence of these social relationship networks and the improvement of the green ecological environment will re-light the community and inject vitality into the community. ECO-CITY RECHARGE STATION provides the organizer of all the ecological activities mentioned in our strategy in the community center. He is a community service center, an ecological organization, a mediator, and organizes and maintains a sustainable balance among
stakeholders. relationship.
ECO-CITY Recharge Station