Studio Citizen and Resilience
Resilience is an interwoven concept, which should be able to bear the pressure from economy, society and ecology at the same time. Therefore, we want to develop the farm and wasteland in the site to form fragments and then interweave into a system to enhance the resilience of the local ecology, economy and society. And develop it into a resilient model to enhance the resilience of the surrounding suburbs.
Co-Producing In-Between Practices
Exploring Bucharest as a city in constant conflict between community and authorities, we define an in-between space of resilient and resourceful actions. Focusing on the actions of the civic group Lacul Tei, the Tei Community Centre, and its current latent state, this project proposes a mechanism to support the long term co-production of in between practices, citizen empowerment, and self-development. Positioning the design team as Urban Curators, a strategy is created by rearranging existing actors, resources, relations, and actions. By contrary, what is important is the process and how the spaces, activities and relations developed constitute the framework of collaboration, and promote self-managed development, based on the community’s internal needs.
Resilient Re-Using of Public Facilities
Our strategy is to use the Bazilescu Theatre as physical site to design the catalyst event:
reopen schools as community sports space with the consent of local citizens. And then seek to expand it by reuse schools as education hubs to enhance community awareness and capacity to participate in solving community issues. Finally, the schools and the theatre, together with the Urboteca form a Bazilescu participative Loop for communities to play an active role in managing community issues.